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About CrossFit Habu

Habu is one of only four CrossFit gyms in Okinawa. Learn More About the Habu community

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Our mission is to inspire our community and improve lives through fitness.
We want to touch the lives of people living in Okinawa, Japan. Inspire – Tell our story, help first, focus on our athletes and facility, focus on the positive, show compassion & Improve – Workouts, development, nutrition.



Community & Athlete Focused
The athlete experience is the pillar of our success. From their first visit to adapting lifestyle change, we are there every step of the way.
Excellence in what we do, always.
Leadership & Integrity
We lead through our actions. We are honest, ethical and fair. We always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
Passion & Growth
We are passionate about fitness, our people, and our coaches. We work together as a team to learn and grow our profession. We contribute back the to industry through education, creating content, improving our knowledge and the knowledge of our athletes



Relentless: The Unwavering Pursuit of Excellence
This statement is what guides our lives every day. The choices we make now affect our future. Let us make good ones.