Community first is our priority. We approach our pursuit of health and fitness with a relentless fervor.

Our belief in fitness is broad and inclusive. True fitness is defined as being able to any task, whether known or unknowable, exceptionally well. To do this, we created a mixed modal concept courtesy of Crossfit. By adding methodologies of traditional strength training, Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular work, variance in time and intensity, we have created a proven program to help you become more fit. 

 How are we different than a normal CrossFit gym? CrossFit is known, at times, to stray away from structured strength and conditioning principles in favor of the mantra, “constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity. Yet, for longevity and continued improvement, some basic structure needs to be in place to avoid a plateau and possible injury.

We pride ourselves on long-term fitness success by providing a platform that challenges, tests, and improves areas of fitness unbeknownest to you. Are you powerful yet your endurance is lacking? Can you run a marathon but walk a sprint? Or are you just looking for a great community of like-minded people who want to look good naked? If so, come drop in!