Beyond the Whiteboard is finally available for CrossFit Habu members. We will begin posting workouts now! If you have never used Beyond the Whiteboard, it’s an awesome way to track all of your fitness. Jason has been using Beyond the Whiteboard for years and now wants to bring it to Habu. Here is how it works for you as a Habu member. You sign-up for Beyond the Whiteboard at BTWB. You can sign up for free using our gym code or you can sign-up monthly ($5 a month) or a full year ($50). Once you sign up, request to join CrossFit Habu and follow the directions from there. Every Sunday, Jason will post all the workouts for the week into Beyond the Whiteboard, instead of Push Press. We primarily use Push Press as a scheduler and will continue to do so. When you complete your workout, you log into your account and post your scores. You can share with all the other gym members or you can keep it private. Beyond the Whiteboard keeps track of all your significant lifts, benchmark workouts, and shows you the last results of workouts you repeat. If you have any questions, please feel free to hit up Jason or Alaina to explain to you and show you why Beyond the Whiteboard is the best way to track your fitness.

For the record, CrossFit Habu does not make any money off of you joining Beyond the Whiteboard. We offer the service to you as a gym because we strongly believe it is a great app.

If you need/want the gym code so you can receive the service for free (as part of your unlimited membership), please email us at or message us at