Drinking Coffee After Training by Jason Day

Have you ever found yourself drinking coffee after a hard training session? Do you find yourself having a hard time recovering? We all want to find ways to help us recover, especially in the CrossFit world. Did you know that drinking coffee after a workout can be that mistake that you are making when it comes to recovery?

When you workout, cortisol is released to help mitigate the stresses from that workout. This is all normal during training so don’t fret. One of those negatives from cortisol released is catabolism. All that cortisol released puts your body in a catabolic state. At the same time, the body is producing testosterone, which when measured against cortisol equally, is very important towards your recovery process. Immediately after training, the priority should be to lower those cortisol levels so we can create an optimal testosterone to cortisol ratio, for recovery. This is why a post workout shake is important. Feeding your body properly takes your body out of the catabolic state to an anabolic state. So where does coffee come into play?

Well, coffee creates an opposite effect from that “post workout shake”. It keeps your body in a catabolic state. Remember that coffee is essentially a “pick me up”. When you drink coffee, the adrenals produce cortisol. Also remember, cortisol is a good hormone, a catabolic hormone, but a good one. In times of stress, it is our friend. Cortisol is the hormone that breaks down protein for energy, ideal before a heavy lifting session. Just remember when you drink coffee after training, you are prolonging the catabolic state.

Coffee After Training


When: October 1st

8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Where: Battle Race Park (inside German village Tokyo, Chiba prefecture)

Who: teams of 4

Reebok is hosting a first fitness battle race, which is not just competing “Cruelty”, “Intensity”, or “Danger” but includes functional movement that represents CrossFit as a base of the new reebok original obstacle race and tough fitness element, which improves your physical ability.

Alright Habu athletes! Get your teammates and sign up for the competition. There’s nothing better than a battle outside the gym to mix things up and give you a new perspective on fitness. Have fun! We’ll be rooting for you all the way!