Thursday 141204 REST DAY

By: Coach Steven

Today is a REST DAY!

Make sure to watch and perform the whole stretch.

No More Than 30mins. Watch the videos and do the below work.
The goal is to go to bed feeling relaxed.

Part 1: 5-Way Shoulder
1min per movement, per arm/shoulder.
Total time 10mins

Part 2: 2-Way Hip
3-4mins per hip/leg in general stretching. Find your tight points.
3-4mins per hip/leg in Pigeon Position Stretch. Find your tight points.
Total time 12-16mins


Part 3: General Stretching
5-6mins find any areas that are still tight/sore.

CrossFit Level 2 Seminar

I have to say that I was very impressed on the teachings that were provided today by the CFLV2 Seminar Staff (formally CrossFit Coaches Prep). Great instruction and performance platforms made it palpable and fun, yet informative with serious undertones. Im excited about day two. Starting Monday, well be back up, providing programming so please be patient.

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