Gena Lawson

CrossFit Coach

I started CrossFit with my husband in 2009 after watching a video on YouTube of Nicole Carrol’s fight for 15 overhead squats. (Nicole is one of Glassman’s original members.) In 2010, I started coaching and haven’t looked back. Continued education for this sport is varied and never stops because you coach so many different types of athletes. 

I am always continuing my education to become a better coach through seminars, workshops, and countless hours of research. I have attended seminars for example: mobility seminars with Kelly Starrett, Weightlifting seminars with Max Aita (Juggernaut), CrossFit Sports Series Rowing Seminar, on the water rowing seminar, and so many more. The seminars did not shape me as much as the athletes over the past eight years. I have had the opportunity to coach so many different types of people from division one athletes in off season, teaching first time lifters, and weight loss clients. The education from coaching and personal research for each athlete is what I consider my biggest asset.

-CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

-Crossfit Sports Specific Certification