Jordan Baesler

I am a mother of two young, very active boys. I have a degree in Bio Chemistry and an MBA from the University of Tampa. I love sushi, Thai food, chocolate chip cookies and Miso Ramen. I enjoy traveling, exploring new places and watching my kids play on the many Okinawan playgrounds.

I have always been an athlete. I played multiple sports in high school and collegiate soccer. I love being active, I love the camaraderie of a team, the competition amongst players and rising to the occasion when it’s time to put it all on the line; all of these things I found playing competitive sports. Fast forward some years, and I found myself an out of shape mother. I knew something had to change.

In August 2015, shortly after we moved to Okinawa, my husband introduced me to CrossFit and told me that I would love it. I went to my first workout and it was NOT love at first sight. It took me about a month to come back and try it again. After my second CrossFit WOD I decided to start coming consistently and quickly realized that I did love it!

I found all those things that I had loved about sports again, and more. I found my athletic self again, an amazing community of friends and supporters, and a passion to help others be a better healthier version of themselves.


-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

-American Red Cross Adult/Pediatric CPR/AED Certified