Are you looking for a change? Have you tried all the fad diets and nothing seems to work? Are you sick and tired of the “norm” and want to be different; a lifestyle change for the better?


Look no further than “The Kitchen WOD”, an online, remote nutrition program, separate from CrossFit Habu.

is what we do.

– Our goal is the help create a better version of you so we put together a nutritional coaching program that is realistic for anyone. Whether you’re a service member always deploying, an athlete in your 20’s, a grandparent in thier 50s, a mom a dad or anyone in between, this program works. 

– It’s flexible enough to do long-term, but strict enough to work amazingly well in the short-term. The Kitchen WOD provides a dieting experience like none other.


I am surrounded by nutrition information (books, websites, documentaries, etc.), but very little wisdom.  I appreciate the fact that Jason can take his knowledge, and then tailor it to meet me, my body, and the realities of my life.  We’ve moved through a couple of modalities so far, and while each one had its merits, Jason knew when it was time for me to switch from one to the other to keep my progress flowing.

The other thing I really appreciate about The Kitchen Wod is the community.  Its not just me doing this on my own (my wife is too!), but its the other people I know from the gym, or just though our Facebook group that are dealing with the same issues that I am.  Its nice to have a group that is focused on the same goals I am, providing me support, and keeping me on track if I stray.

Patrick Snyder

How does it work???

The Kitchen WOD will help you practice simple tasks, strategically, sequentially and segmentally. Through weekly contact, we will ask you to experiment, explore, experience and see what works. You’ll get real-time feedback, track your progress, gather data, and reflect on various thought exercises.


The program is a broken down into three-month segments. 



-Most diets are restrictive and discourage some of your favorite foods, which increases unhealthy relationships around eating. We allow complete food freedom. Nothing is off limits and nothing is “good or bad.” Simply eat the right amount and the results will come! 

-Most diets are a list of “do’s and don’ts” with no one to talk to. We provide the availability and accountability needed to keep you on track when you need it the most. Your coach is always there for you. Confused, concerned, or struggling with something? Your coach is just a text away. 

-Most diets are all or nothing. If you slip up – as humans do, you’ll probably ruin the effects of that particular diet. We understand that life happens and no one is perfect. We have strategies for celebrations and slip-ups, and can work around the most challenging times in your life, whether that’s extended travel or summer full of weddings and social events. 

-Most diets don’t teach you about food and how it affects your body, so you never learn how to do it on your own. We take pride in educating you and providing the tools needed to learn from some of the most experienced in the industry. We love getting you to your goals, but we’d rather get you to your goals while teaching you each step of the way. 

-Most diets don’t analyze any information and therefore cannot adapt to changes. Simply following a generic meal plan you found in a magazine or by a friend may be a terrible fit for your body and goals. We look at the data you provide on a weekly basis and give the best possible feedback and adjustments. Nothing we do is a guess, and everything we do has a reason. Unsure of that reason? Just ask your coach. 

-Most diets are not science based. We have an experienced with individuals from around the world, using the most proven and safe methods. -Most diets are lonely. We’ve created the most supportive community of clients and coaches there is. You’re never alone on this program. 


P.S. We are here with you, every step of the way. Feel free to contact us at any time!!

Ready for a change? Let's see what we can do.