My name is Jason Day. I am a former United States Marine, the owner of CrossFit Habu, 2017 CrossFit Fittest in Japan and a Certified Nutrition Specialist, through NESTA and Precision Nutrition.

Are you looking for a change? Have you tried all the fad diets and nothing seems to work? Are you sick and tired of the “norm” and want to be different; a lifestyle change for the better?


Look no further than “The Kitchen WOD”, an online nutrition program, separate from CrossFit Habu. 

is what I do.

This is an online nutrition and lifestyle program. No diets! No gimmicks! No supplements or products to purchase! Everything is done and tracked via PN coaching.

So what does all this include?

– You can choose to dive into Level One, Level Two or Level Three nutrition. Below is an example of Level One.

– Strategic nutrition practices that fit into your lifestyle and are delivered daily to your inbox.

– DIRECT ACCESS TO ME for support, feedback, adjustments and accountability.

– Articles, videos, seminars and videos available.

– Custom nutrition guide based on your preferences and goals.

– Grocery shopping and meal prep guide, unique to you.

I am surrounded by nutrition information (books, websites, documentaries, etc.), but very little wisdom.  I appreciate the fact that Jason can take his knowledge, and then tailor it to meet me, my body, and the realities of my life.  We’ve moved through a couple of modalities so far, and while each one had its merits, Jason knew when it was time for me to switch from one to the other to keep my progress flowing.

The other thing I really appreciate about The Kitchen Wod is the community.  Its not just me doing this on my own (my wife is too!), but its the other people I know from the gym, or just though our Facebook group that are dealing with the same issues that I am.  Its nice to have a group that is focused on the same goals I am, providing me support, and keeping me on track if I stray.

Patrick Snyder

I signed up for this program looking to challenge myself and make permanent changes in my body composition and eating habits. I’m a total health nut I had let life’s stressors occasionally get in the way of my normally healthy choices so I was just really sick of that pattern. Although my goal wasn’t necessarily to drop a ton of weight, my body composition has changed and I’m leaner than ever (lost a few inches and a few pounds).

The Kitchen WOD’s community, program and support have helped me achieve my goals and it’s been fun which is the best part! If you’re looking to make incremental changes in your diet and lifestyle that lead to a long term healthy relationship with food then this is the program for you!!

Audrey Arnold

How does it work???

The Kitchen WOD will help you practice simple tasks, strategically, sequentially and segmentally  Through daily emails, habits, lessons, and assignments, we ask you to experiment, explore, experience, see what works, get real-time feedback, track your progress, gather data, and reflect on various thought exercises.

The program is a full year in length, divided into 2-week habit blocks.

Every day:

  • You log into a personal home-page (a “Today” page, because it tells you what to do today).
  • You get a lesson to read.  Lessons are like blog articles – short, informative pieces that ask questions, present ideas, explain why you’re doing something etc.
  • You get a habit – a small task – to do.

Every week: 

  • You get an assignment.  Occasionally, lessons have assignments – questions designed to get you thinking, imagining, processing, and reflecting on the lessons. Answering a question or two at the end of the lesson encourages you to actively engage in the material, helping it to “stick.”  Assignments are also excellent opportunities for coaching. I will regularly provide feedback and guidance around these lessons and assignments.
  • You measure and record your progress (this can be body composition metrics or other performance indicators such as energy levels, adherence to an exercise program or sleep quality).

Every 2-weeks:

  • You get a new habit to try and practice (for the next two weeks and beyond).  The idea is that we introduce one habit at a time, give you time to practice and ingrain this habit, before adding and integrating a new habit.  In this way, habits (and lessons) are cumulative (each habit/lesson builds the skills necessary for future habits/lessons) and progressive (some habits are foundational “anchor” habits, while others are more challenging, “stretch” or “experiment” habits).

Every month: 

  • You upload a photo as part of your progress tracking.


  • You interface with me.  I’ll be with you every step of the way, gently nudging you back on track if you lose focus or fall behind, and providing professional guidance and help with any of the lessons, assignments, technology etc.
  • I’ll utilize the collective wisdom of the group and others by encouraging and facilitating group discussions and idea/recipe sharing using social media.

Jason Day


P.S. I am here with you, every step of the way. Feel free to contact me at any time!!

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